Stallholder Application

Are you looking to become a new stall holder? If you are a local producer, artist, maker or community group, we would love to hear from you!

Please read the Code of Practice and Covid-19 Safety Plan and complete the form below

Link for stallholders with food products

I have read and understood my rights and obligations as a stallholder at Tamworth Growers’ Market Inc (TGM) trading as Tamworth Community Saturday Markets as identified in the document Tamworth Growers Market Code of Practice (CoP). I agree to abide by the regulations established by the Code of Practice. I understand that my right to trade may be refused if I do not abide by them.
I will indemnify TGM to the extent permitted by law from any damage, expenses or liability arising from any injury or damages to any person that occurs either in or arising out of the occupancy of the stall site or anything connected with such occupancy.
I/we have read the TGM CoP and will abide by the TGM CoP.
All produce sold by me/us will comply with the TGM CoP.
I/we acknowledge that, should I/we breach the Tamworth Growers Market Standards as described in the Code of Practice, I/we may be suspended and/or be removed from the waitlist of prospective stallholders.
Please note in particular:
* Market trading hours are 8:00am to 12:00pm every Saturday. Please ensure you are set up and ready to trade before 8:00am and your vehicle has been moved away from the front of the market site to allow easy customer parking.
* You must give at least 48 hours notice of intention to trade at TGM.
* Your stall items should remain inside the stall site/size you have booked.
* If you have your own public indemnity insurance, you must provide a certificate of currency to the Market Coordinator prior to your first trading day and upon renewal of such policy.
* Anyone who is required to self-isolate is not permitted to participate or attend the Tamworth Community Saturday Markets (NSW self isolation rules)